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Aap Ka Manoranjan Moves To Its New Home At PAX, Channel WPX 68

Chitra Parayath

Starting September 15, the popular TV shows Aap ka Manoranjan will air from PAX Channel WBPX 68. The show will run every Sunday afternoon from 1PM to 2PM. The popular host Ms. Arsh Mehrotra, clearly happy about the station and the new timing urged all her viewers to check it out.

“ An online poll on the Aap ka Manoranjan web site indicated that a majority of my viewers prefer this new timing. Sunday afternoons are when folks relax at home and switch on the TV whereas Saturday mornings for those of us who do wake up early are spent driving the kids around for various activities or attending to chores.”

This surely seems like a step forward for the show, which will now be aired all over New England. “Pax network is sophisticated and well suited to reach many more communities and towns. Even folks with direct TV systems can receive PAX,“ informed Arsh.

She seemed touched by the loyal fans that called her and sent her emails when her show went off the air. “It was due to no fault of mine,” asserted Arsh, “The station goofed up, I was sending them taped programs which they claimed were being aired. But my viewers, bless them, called me from almost every town reporting that they could not watch my show.” Arsh also insisted that she misses her viewers as much as they missed her.

“I want to let my viewers know that I’ll always do my best to provide them with the most interesting and entertaining program. I am open to suggestions from watchers, I urge all Lokvani readers to email me their thoughts, feedback and suggestions. It will help me tailor a program that will appeal to all and it will tell me that I am meeting the expectations of the public.” Admitting that producing a TV shows was an expensive endeavor; she also invited sponsors for the show. “ If you have any suggestions for my show, let me know what you would like included,” she added.

At Lokvani, we wish Arsh, her show Aap Ka Manoranjan and her viewers luck and success.

For more information on Arsh Mehrotra and Aap Ka Manoranjan(on the PAX network), visit http://www.aapkamanoranjan.com/.

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