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Neelam - The Dance Theater

Jothi Raghavan

Solo Dance Theater

Concept, choreography, performance:  Anita Ratnam
Choreographic consultant:  Hari Krishnan (inDance, Canada)
Music design:  Anil Srinivasan, KSR Aniruddha
Voice:  Sikkil Gurucharan, O.S.Arun
Sacred chant:  Pradeep Chakravarthy & Revathy Sankkaran
Costume & visual design:  Rex
Lighting design:  Victor Paulraj
Date: Sunday 11th November2007
Time: 4:30 pm 
Venue: Sorenson Theater, Babson College, Wellesley, MA
Tickets: $35,$25, $15 ($15 tickets for students and senior citizens at $10)  
Buy Tickets: www.lokvani.com/AnitaRatnam

About the Dancer

As a choreographer, collaborator and  scholar, Anita Ratnam's solo and group performances reflect a unique ability ot combine the traditional and the contemporary streams of India's dance history. Her personal movement style is called NEO BHARATAM, which draws from the early 6th century sacred aural and gestural  language and arcs forward into 21st century to theatre and staging influences.
In a quest for universal harmony, she explores the full range of classical and contemporary dance, spanning east-west rhythms, purity and promiscuity, space-time equations and gender issues.

Visit Anita Ratnam's website www.arangham.com  

Neelam - The Dance Theater
A solo psalm of music and movement painted in the many hues of the skies and oceans, praising and adoring the Lord: Sriman Narayana / Vishnu
A suite of dances inspired by the meditative corridors of Vishnu temples.
Nambi and Sri, Andal and Madhusudhana, Krishna and Radha and finally, Rama and Sita are the characters  who draw a historical arc from the 8th to the 18th centuries, creating moments of passion and devotion, re-imagined by Anita for a modern audience.
Drawing from ritual, liturgical and temple texts, Anita Ratnam has created an evening length work that is and rich in imagery and allegory.
The visual and costume design reflects the androgynous male/female qualities that appear in India’s sacred texts.

charge tickets on line www.lokvani.com/AnitaRatnam Contact :Jothi Rghavan (978)392-4677

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