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The Indigenous Art Movement

Manika Srivastava

TiE Social Entrepreneurship group and Massachusetts College of Arts and Design along with NetSap sponsored an event focusing on the indigenous arts on 11th of October at Mass-Art. The evening included an exhibition by various organizations that bring these arts to the market here. Then Thousand Villages, Bengal Crafts, Adivasi, Kalaraksha all displayed beautiful products from different regions in India and Latin America. Mahubani Paintings by Sunanda Sahay and art work of Manika Srivastav were also on display.

A panel discussion on the topic was also organized as part of the event. The panelists were Ellissa Bhanti, Co-founder of Adivasi, Maryann Sadagopan representing Kala Raksha and Mark Camp, Director of Operations of Cultural Survival. The discussion was focused on issues like the global market, the cause of the artisans and the impact on the areas where these arts are native to. The Q &A session after the discussion reflected the interest a lot of people take in these arts and in free trade practices etc. which affect the indigenous artist.

All the organizations present at the event are helping in bringing native arts to an international audience. They have provided a means of sustenance to the indigenous crafts person and in some cases provide direct benefit to the artist. Some of the issues discussed were around the existence of an export market for the impoverished craftsperson around the world, growing awareness about the plight of the artists and the possibility of collaboration without the glare of condescension.

The panelists engaged in a lively discussion over questions like the obstacles faced by them, when they attempt to further the cause of the artisan; is there an effort to get these artists exposure to the needs of the market, like workshops, training etc? The discussion concluded with the panelist asking the audience to help raise awareness here and to support the cause by using and buying more of the indigenous arts and crafts.

The sponsor and the organizers Mona Chopra and Manika Srivastav hope to carry this cause forward and build up a base to help promote these arts. If you are interested in knowing more about this movement or future events contact Manika Srivastav at manika@hotmail.com.

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