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IDRF To Organize The 7th New England Six-a-Side Cricket Tournament

Press Release

IDRF is organizing the 7th New England Six-a-Side Cricket Tournament to be played with hard tennis cricket balls in Burlington (MA) and Norwood (MA) starting July 21st. The last day to register is July 9, 2007. The motto of this tournament is:

Let's take some Action!
Let's play for a Cause!!
Let's make a Difference!!!
Let's have Fun!!!!

To register, visit: http://www.idrf.org/dynamic/modules.php?name=Hnnews&file=article&sid=187
or call Rohan at 978.944.2576 or Kalyan at 978.340.3366.

The proceeds from this event will be used for "construction of the boys hostel & vocational school in Katra, Jammu undertaken by Sewa Bharathi". More details about this project including some pictures can be found at:

IDRF is introducing first ever VOLLEY BALL Six-a-Side Tournament starting August 25th 2007 in Burlington

Let the IDRF motto, Service to Society is Service to God, be embraced by each one of us, pledging to serve the needy and the downtrodden to the best of our ability. IDRF strives to help the people realize their full potential and lead a life with dignity and self-esteem. IDRF remains committed to remit 100% of your contributions to the grassroots, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in India.

The common features of our partner, grassroots NGOs are:
Creation of self-empowerment and responsible citizenry
Operation under a shoestring budget
Bringing impoverished, neglected people into the mainstream
Management by selfless, dedicated volunteers
Humanitarian service without consideration of sect, caste, creed, religion and region

IDRF offers a wide range of choices for your contributions:
*  Mobile medical clinics  *  Saving children from blindness *  Tribal girls dorms/Schools  *  Women's self-empowerment *  Children at residential schools  *  Orphans and children with challenges/disabilities *  Vocational training  *  Rehabilitating victims of terrorism/insurgency *  Rural development  *  One-teacher schools/Ekal Vidyalayas *  Economic self-reliance  *  Corpus fund for paying social workers

You may support IDRF in several ways:
Mail donation check(s) at your convenience
Donate your old car through IDRF's car donation program
Avail yourself of your employer's matching gift program
Designate your gifts to IDRF on celebrations with your family and friends
Designate your donation to IDRF under the UNITED WAY's "donor-choice program"
Transfer stocks to IDRF, thus avoid capital gain tax and also avail tax-exemption on your donation
Donate on-line through your VISA/MasterCard or Direct Debit from checking account through PayPal

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