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Music Review - Mozhi (Tamil )

Sudha (Lakshmi) Rao

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Cast: Prithviraj, Prakash Raj, Jyothika, Swarnamalya, Brahmanadam, M. S. Bhaskar
Direction: Radha Mohan
Producer: Prakash Raj
Music: Vidyasagar
Lyrics – Vairamuthu

(Vidyasagar is the only south indian composer to create a score for a hollywood movie)

Silence is golden and Speech is silver –  The musical score of Mozhi conveys that and more – in fact it illustrates the beauty and sheer magic and poetry that silence invokes, and the melody and music and wonder that lie embedded deep in the sounds of silence…………….

A refreshingly beautiful and melodious offering from Vidyasagar and Vairamuthu – a soundtrack that doesn’t make any compromises with regard to style and quality – and shines in the departments of orchestration, lyrics and rendition.  Vidyasagar has given us eight remarkable musical compositions – reinforcing the belief that he is amongst one of the most talented composers that South India has produced in recent times!  Vairamuthu’s lyrical prowess is again at its peak and his poetry in most of the songs is sheer magic indeed!

Kaatrin Mozhi

The crowning glory of the album – sung by Balram who croons his way into your heart – a voice that has you completely relaxed and will never to fail to soothe………his Tamil diction is also excellent.  Beautiful lyrics – Vairamuthu excels in this song as he describes the presence of sound and language in all nature, life, love and humanity and eloquently weaves his metaphors throughout the song

Sevvanam selai katti  

Breezy and rhythmic and charming number -  and never loses its tempo throughout the song – enhanced by very appealing orchestration and back up vocals - beautifully rendered by Jassie Gift, who is also a talented Malayalam singer and composer.  Lyrics are light hearted and basically descriptive of the woman’s beauty and charm.    


Short and sweet aptly describes this melody where Srinivas tugs at your heart strings with his mellifluous rendition as he sings about the beauty of silence.  Just wish there had been more of the song – barely a minute or so of pleasure leaves you yearning for more!

En jannalil

Very short song – sung by Karthik – pacy and feet tapping - enjoyable  

Aazha Kannal

Sung well by Tippu – again a very short song – very ballad-like with very little percussion and fine piano accompaniment and background score.

Kaatrin Mozhi

This version of the song sung by Sujatha is the only female song in the film –Sujatha with her silky and dulcet tones complements the Balram version and effectively manages to evoke the mood and emotion that Vairamuthu’s lyrics lay the foundation for.  

Kannaal Pesum Penne

Yet another pleasant and soft number that Vidyasagar has composed with SP Balasubramaniam charming his way through the song.   Alluring and delightful interludes of guitar and wind instruments add to the song’s luster as SPB begs forgiveness from his lady love.  

Pesa Madhandhaiya
Sung by Madhu Balakrishnan – soft and sad – sung in a lachrymose voice as he expresses his sorrow and frustration.  The tune is reminiscent of a number of earlier songs – yet retains its own individuality with heartrending lyrics and poignant rendering by Madhu.

(A homemaker and big fan of old Indian film music, has been performing Indian light music since 1988 (especially the golden oldies). . Sudha has been with Saptaswar, a music group with a cause since her move to the US from Chennai in 2001, and has performed with Saptaswar for a number of fundraising music performances for various charities. She is also deeply involved with and committed to Tanker Foundation (an organization in Chennai that helps the poor and needy with kidney ailments) and Bala Mandir (a home for orphan and destitute children in Chennai). Sudha has also been giving private Karaoke performances in the New England area and has also performed in other venues in New Jersey, New York, Florida, Maryland, Virginia and Missouri. She is very indebted to her husband, son and daughter for their support in all her musical endeavors. )

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