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Brahma Kumaris' Global Peace Festival

Anil Saigal

The Boston branch of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual organized the wonderful Global Peace Festival on April 28, 2007. One of the focus of the event was how India has always contributed to the peace in the world through its rich culture of spirituality and its depth of ancient wisdom, which is still relevant today.

Supriya Kopparthi welcomed the audience and talked about the festival. The Global Peace Festival is part of a series of programs called Roots and Wings. It is designed to bring together people of the Indian community and individuals who have a special interest in learning more about the ancient wisdom of India.

The cultural program featured Vinayak Kowtam by Neha Majeti, classical carantic music by Aparna Balaji accompanied by Koyel, a skit on 'Installing Love' by Sheetal Mirchandani and Rahul Modi and a Jathi Swaram by Nitya Yelamanchili.

Dev Lingadevaru introduced the guest speakers Swami Yogatmananda and Sr. Mohini Punjabi. "In search of happiness we run from one activity to another. What we need in the end is peace," said Swamiji. "Peace is calmness within everywhere. Often in name of peace we try to kill one another. On the other hand, peace is like music. Even though each note is different, melody is a harmonious blending of different notes. Similarly, a garland consists of a thread through different kinds and colors of flowers. Each of us has a responsibilty. If we are at peace with ourselves, everything around us will be peaceful." Finally, Mohiniji led a meditation for global peace.

The Brahma Kumari Learning Center for Peace is planning to offer a series of courses in meditation, positive thinking, self empowerment, stress free living, anger management, well being and spiritual powers during the next few weeks. Please visit www.bkboston.org for further details.

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