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Lokvani Talks To Sreenivas Kaki, President, TAGB

Nirmala Garimella


The Telugu Association of Greater Boston main aim has been the promotion of Telugu Art and Culture and to bring the community together. It has hosted many artists, conducted local talent programs and has finally reached a stage when it plans to move on to a level where it can enter into community service and youth involvement. Sreenivas Kaki, the current President of TAGB is optimistic that the future holds very well for the organization. “We, the committee members of TAGB work as a team and are focused on making it the most open, transparent and effective organization, and also extend our activities from primarily cultural to social, political and community oriented efforts". Sreenivas Kaki, shared his vision and the activities planned for this year to Lokvani.

What are the plans for TAGB in the near future?

We have established a few important goals.

  • Expand our membership base from 250 to 450 members
  • Bring Quality cultural programs to the Boston Area
  • Balance our local cultural programs with a right mix of quality classical and filmy programs. It is essential for us to keep in touch with our traditional arts.
  • Invite Adults participation in some of the cultural programs besides children
  • Give value to our members through discounts in local businesses, restaurants, real estate transactions, Telugu movies screened in theaters etc.
  • Issue TAGB membership cards as ID
  • Promote Telugu Language
  • Community Help and Support

How does TAGB want the community to get involved?

We want all and I mean all Telugus not to hesitate in becoming part of this organization and to give us a call to participate in any of the activities whether it is to volunteer, to perform or to seek help. We want to create this environment that we are open to ideas, partnerships and support.

Taking about partnerships, does TAGB encourage it from local organizations?

Yes of course, we are closely working with other national associations like TANA and ATA for cross exchange of support for our programs. At the local level through our emails and our website we post local community events of other organizations. Few examples include but not limited to JET, IAGB, BIG Help, Soundarya Lahari, MITHAS, Brahmakumaris etc.

TAGB has started a new initiative with the Youth Group. Can you give us a background?

It is called TYAGB. The idea was mooted sometime early this year. They are having their first fundraiser on April 20th with the film Bommarilu. Already more than 40 kids have signed up; we are still working on the structure and the activities. The energy and the enthusiasm of the group are very encouraging. Primary focus will be on community service, Language competitions and college education seminars.

How have you evolved as an organization ?

 At this juncture we are putting a lot of processes in place. We have formed an independent constitution committee to review and recommend existing by-laws, which will be amended by following set procedures. Check out our website at http://tagb.org/ for the most updated version of our events and activities. 

Any last word for potential members?

We are open to one and all. The bottom line is: organizational goals will be our main priority. We are committed to deliver what has been promised within our capabilities and with your strong support. Finally I would like to take this opportunity to thank Greater Boston Telugu Community on behalf of our committee, for their active support, participation, encouragement and feedback. It is our organization and collectively we all can strengthen and expand it.














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