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Online Diwali Gift To Call India For Just 8 Cents A Minute

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This year, you may not get a chance to visit India for Diwali. So how do you wish your friends and loved ones back home a 'Happy Diwali', without spending a fortune on international India long-distance calls?

India Pre-paid calling cards have always been a good option for those in the United States on business, attending university or working. But anyone who has ever used an India prepaid calling card service will vouch that the quality and ease-of-use of discount calling cards to India is unpredictable. While not all cards offer PIN-less dialing, there are some which don't work with a mobile phone. And the hidden charges alone are enough to dampen anyone's Diwali India holiday spirits.

You're almost better off dialing direct and paying the standard retail rate - but before you do anything that drastic, take two minutes to visit Pingo's International India calling cards.

Pingo is a pre-paid calling service that lets you call anywhere in India during Diwali - or any other time of the year - for just 8 cents a minute without any hidden charges or fees.

But that's not the only reason for trying this out. Pingo is a service of iBasis, a company with a proven track record of handling international call traffic for major carriers such as AT&T, plus over 400 other telephone companies across the globe. In fact, they were named the best wholesale international carrier in an independent industry study for each of the last four years.

That means you can be assured that your calls will not only go through; they will be clear, reliable, and you'll enjoy all the convenient features you want.

And it's so easy to sign up for Pingo because it's only available online. Check Pingo's International India calling card rates. Simply log on from any computer connected to the Web, take a couple of minutes to enter your credit card information and you're ready to start calling - and saving big money.

Use a mobile phone? Not a problem. PingoMobile can save you up to 90% on international India long-distance calls.

This Diwali, light up your life with Pingo. Go ahead - wish everyone back home a Happy Diwali with Pingo. Online at http://www.pingo.com/diwali.do.

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