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Republican Congressional Candidate Raj Bhakta Addresses Bostonians

R. S. Ayyar

Dr. Vikas Desai arranged a fund raiser luncheon on September 9 in Weston, MA to support Raj Peter Bhakta, Republican candidate for Congress from Northeast Philadelphia constituency. A very charismatic person with a good command of diction and oratorical skill, Raj is very focused on his mission, which he explained clearly in his talk. On the national front, he focused on the following issues as specifically important: 1) Limiting growth in entitlement spending 2) Fundamentally reforming health care and education 3) Strengthening small business administration to promote entrepreneurship 4) Reducing regulation on business and curtailing fraudulent lawsuits 5) Promoting the study of hard sciences while investing in R&D and continuing education 6) Preserving the environment and 7) Rebuilding America’s image abroad.

Diverting his attention then to Northeast Philadelphia constituency, he listed several problems that the constituency is facing under the present administration. “Violent crime has risen by about 400% just over the last two years. Sexual offenders roam free. Police are not given enough tools and fire stations are closing. Frivolous litigations and powerful trial lawyer lobbyists are driving up the cost of healthcare and making it impossible for us to get adequate care. Hospitals are closing and doctors are leaving Pennsylvania immediately after graduation. Corruption is rampant. The landscape is giving way to superstores, strip malls and gridlock sprawl is consuming too much of open space and endangering environmental protection,” said Raj.

He then detailed his specific plans to save his constituency. They are 1) Double police patrols in the Northeast 2) Stop car insurance companies from gouging the people 3) Stop sex abuse and book sex offenders 4) Lower taxes 5) Keep the hospitals open and retain the doctors and 6) Close down absentee landlords.

He also gave his general observations on the current state of affairs in USA pointing out that the country cannot be spending more than what it earns. Tough fiscal decisions are needed to keep spending to a reasonable level. While cutting down on in fructuous expenditure, the government should play an important role in creating a favorable climate for education, entrepreneurship and ecological preservation. The government must also protect and secure our borders when the nation is at war and under threat of terrorism.

Raj concluded by making specific promises about what he will do when elected. “I will fight to bring fiscal discipline back to the government. I will work to fulfill all the promises I have made to the people of my constituency. I am of the firm conviction that nothing is impossible if we are prepared to work.”

Raj praised the Indo-American community for its proactive role in supporting all right causes and the growing interactive relationship between USA and India. He informed that his campaign at the grass roots level is picking up fast with 300,000 pieces of literature distributed and 54,000 people contacted already. He made an earnest appeal to all his well wishers for adequate financial support. To make a donation, please visit:

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