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Community Round Up - Connecticut

Ajay Ghosh

Dr. Thomas Abraham, chairman of the Center, introduced Jane Shringar of the Nassau County Court, who in her address, lauded the contributions of the Non Resident Indian community in the United States. “The Indian American community has enriched the life of the United States with significant contributions in almost every walk of life,” she said.
Earlier in the day, there was a symposium on the role of media. The symposium, attended by various civic leaders and intellectuals, was coordinated by Gopalan Nair, Chairman of the Center’s Board of Directors.
At the pubic meeting, the ceremonial lighting of the lamp was performed by Lisa Paul, the wife of the visiting MP from Ernakulam and the female members Board of Directors of the Kerala Center. The event began with the National Anthems of both Indian and the United States sung beautifully by the students of the Kerala Center’s Malayalam school. Jose Chummar, President of the Center, in his welcome speech briefly narrated the many programs and activities of the Kerala Center in the past two decades.
The entertainments at the public meeting were emceed by four youth coordinators. The fancy dress by children below eight years old brought out the rich and diverse cultural heritage of India, just as it displayed the talents of these young kids. Several dances, traditional, modern and fusion, were all part of the celebrations. Their songs, music and dances showcased their deep love and appreciation for India and its diverse culture. The Senior Citizens Group was no less captivating with their rendering of many traditional songs to the accompaniment of the musical bow. The youth talent show brought out the best in the over a dozen participants.

Four youth members of Kerala Center were honored with Certificates for their volunteer services to the Kerala Centyer and the larger community. They received their certificates from Judge Jane. King Mahabali, Kerala’s great cultural-hero, made his annual revisit, and he was accompanied by thalappoli-bearing maidens in graceful Kerala costume. Thiruvathiraa the traditional Onam dance by women was a treat to the audience. The elaborate celebrations were capped by a sumptuous Onam feast.

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