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In Conversation With Vineet And Himani

Ranjani Saigal

Himani from Haryana and Vineet from Lucknow have attained stardom at the very young age of 17 thanks to the ZEETV’s musical reality show – Sa Re Ga Ma Pa.  They spoke to Lokvani about their musical journey and their new found stardom.

You are already stars at the young age of 17. Could you describe your musical journey?

Himani : My mother loves to sing. She inspired me to sing when I was young. Later when I was eleven years old my music teacher at school Mrs. Anju Munjal asked if I wanted to train under her. She liked my voice and felt she could shape me into someone special. She saw my potential and I think that was the beginning Later I took part in several competitions. Anu Kapoor ji’s show  Aao Jhum Gaye Hum was one such competition that gave me a lot of visibility. Later Sa Re Ga Ma Pa proved to be a wonderful opportunity and here I am in the USA with Aap Ka Suroor.

Vineet: I come from a large middle class family. My father loves Rafi Saheb and I used to listen to his songs from a very young age. God has given me a musical talent. I really did not have any formal training when I was a child. As a child music captivated me. I must have heard every song of Rafi Saheb. He is my idol. Like Himani I also took part in many competitions including the Aao Jhm Gaye Hum. Later in Sa Re Ga Ma Pa I was lucky to become the protégée of Himesh Reshammiaya who has helped so much. Thanks to him I am here today.

Are you enjoying your US tour?

Vineet : It is absolutely wonderful People have extended a warm welcome to us. It seems the craze for Bollywood is more here than in India. Every show has been a great success.

Himani: I have really enjoyed it.

Are you still in school? How do you manage a career and school?

Himani: I am currently studying to take my 12th standard exams. While music is my life it is very important for me to get a degree as well. During the tour I have my books and every moment I am able to get away from rehearsals I study. It is not easy but if it is important it can be done.

Vineet: Music is my passion. At the moment I am not concentrating much on my school since there is not enough time.

How has your new found fame changed you?

Himani: It has brought many opportunities my way. Before Sa Re Ga Ma Pa I used to be a school girl with singing as a hobby. Now music is central to my life and I get opportunities that I could never dream of. It is wonderful. My father and I have moved to Mumbai. My mother is working and my brother is in school. So they are not with me right now.  I miss my mother and brother.

Vineet: It is wonderful. I feel so happy that I can now help my family. We are a large middle class  family. Now I am able to  help financially and that has really eased the burden on my parents for which I feel proud.  Right now I live in Mumbai away from my family. I miss my mother very much. I hope soon I can buy a house and bring my family to Mumbai.
(Smiling) The negative part is that there are so many beautiful girls that it is so difficult for me to decide which one to choose.

What is like working with mentors like Adesh Shrivastav and Himesh Reshammiya?

Himani: It is wonderful . Adesh ji and Himesh ji have taught me so much.

Vineet: Himesh ji is simply wonderful. He works so hard. Sometimes he works 20 hours straight. Yet he always finds time to guide and help me.

What advice do you have for aspiring singers?

Himani: Hardwork and training are  important. Also it is important to identify a singer you would like to emulate. For me it was Richa Sharma.  Once you identify a singer one must listen to their work. Competitions are very helpful.

Vineet: My idol is Rafi Saheb. I consider him my greatest musical mentor. Hardwork and God’s blessing will help people succeed.

Any message for the New England audience?

We are eagerly looking forward to seeing you and we promise not to disappoint.

Thanks for your time

Thank you.

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