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Music Review - Bas Ek Pal

Ranjani Saigal

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Year: 2006
Label: TIPS
Genre: Drama
Director: Onir
Music Director: Vivek Phillip,Pritam,Mithoon
Lyrics: Amitabh Verma, Syed Qadri
Leading Cast: Urmila Matondkar, Sanjay Suri, Juhi Chawla, Jimmy Shergill

After winning critical acclaim for “My brother Nikhil” director Onir is back again with “Bas Ek Pal”. Composers Vivek Pillai, Mithoon and Pritam have worked with lyricist Amitabh Verma  and Syed Quadri to produce a romantic track which shows great promise.  

The album opens with Hai  Ishq Ye Kya Ek Khata.  KK steals the show with his passionate rendition of the song which combines lovely lyrics with wonderful western arrangements with a Latino touch. The sounds of the stringed instruments set the stage for the romantic theme of the song. Sunidhi Chauhan’s lively vocals are a great addition to the song which could become a dance floor favorite.

Atif Aslam, the Pakistani singer who has been delivering many a hit numbers recently takes the soundtrack to a new level with the next track Tere Bin. “Dard” or pain is very palpable in this number that has been beautifully penned by Sayed Quadri. Debutante composer Mithoon has allowed Atif’s voice to shine. Atif’s fabulous voice and modulation is bound to be hit with all, especially the women.

Eric Pillai’s remix version transforms the track into a typical club mix number. Pillais skillful addition of techno-beats fit right in and makes the track very enjoyable.

The title track of this album ‘Bas Ek Pal’ is simply delightful. The electric guitar once again adds to the romantic feel. KK shines yet again and is ably supported by Dominique Cerejo. This is number that would fit right in with a candle light dinner. The remix changes the mood of the song from romantic sentimental to more of a passionate number. This number is yet another feather in Composer Mithoon's cap.

Vivek Phillip’s composition Ashq Bhi with lyrics by Amitabh Verma a number that creates a deep impact. Lyrics like "Ashq Bhi Muskuruyae Jab Tum Mile, Mil Gayi Hai Zindagi” are a rarity in bollywood music. Sunidhi Chauhan’ s sensuous rendition work beautifully the background score that includes a Saxophone. The album ends on a romantic note with Dheemey Dheemey. KK and Sunidhi Chauhan along with the excellent orchestration makes this Vivek Phillip composition one that will make you want to return to it often.

Like its predecessor “My Brother Nikhil” “Bas Ek Pal” has the signs of winning of critical acclaim for its music. This is a rare album where lyrics, music and singing blend seamlessly to talk about “Shringara” or “love” often considered the Raja Rasa, king of all emotions. The album will touch the listener and has potential to be a chartbuster..

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