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Dear Reader

www.lokvani.com is 5 years old. So are we old or new? Leaving that aside what is most interesting is we have evolved into a new kind of media – The community kind whose main focus is to bring out the best of the community and give it a voice that is heard – while willing to hear from its beloved readers.

When we began in 2001, for a reader we served as a good resource for information for anything Indian or South Asian. This was followed by our local calendar of events that became a hot commodity for people to post their events and remains to this day our best seller for the most updated event listings. Navigate through our emagazine and you will be prompted to see a variety of articles of interest to our readers. We talk, we listen and more important we offer a forum to all to use it for their benefit. A reader at Lokvani who received our fortnightly news magazine called it informative, vision oriented and helpful.

So what is our next move? We will continue to focus on the community, bringing out good articles and keep an open mind on suggestions and ideas from all of you. So drop us a line at info@lokvani.com.

Signing off with an assurance and a commitment – we are here to stay!

The Lokvani team
Anil Saigal, Ranjani Saigal, Anoop Kumar and Nirmala Garimella

A plea for help from Nirali's parents - Rucha and Jignesh

Nirali is going through chemotherapy treatment right now but this type of ALL has a great chance of relapse if not treated with a bone marrow transplant.We urge you please pray for Nirali and register for bone marrow
donation to see if you can save her life. Bone marrow donation has no long term side effect at all. The test for marrow match is very simple - just a blood draw or
even simpler - an oral swab!. And it is absolutely FREE for minority races.

Apart from the medical information posted on this website, you can also refer to National Marrow donor program website http://www.marrow.org This website has very good information on the donors program, how the test is conducted and all other questions one may have about marrow donation.

Please consider saving a child's s life. There is no bigger gift you can give to anyone.

To register for bone marrow donation program anywhere is US: http://www.marrow.org/HELP/join_the_registry.html

A Bone marrow donar registration drives is in Lowell (on 08/27/2006) & Woburn (on 09/09/2006), MA in co-ordination with South Asian Marrow Association of Recruiters (SAMAR).

Legendary Shehnai Musician Ustad Bismillah Khan passes away

Music legend Bismillah Khan, who enthralled generations with his shehnai, an Indian wind instrument, died on Monday , August 21st of a heart attack. He was 90.

Khan, who was awarded India's highest civilian award - the Bharat Ratna,was born into a family of musicians who played for royalty.

He transfixed generations of audiences across the world with his soulful rendition of classical music on the shehnai.

"By the grace of God, when this [shehnai] is in my hands, all the wealth of the world could be brought to me, and I'd say: Get about your business, take it away," Khan said in a TV interview last year.

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