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In Conversation With Himesh Reshammiya

Ranjani Sagal

(Don't miss Aap Ka Suroor - on Sep 3 8:30 pm at Agganis Arena, Boston University, Commonwealth Ave., Boston, MA)

Himesh Reshammiya, the son of Veteran Gujarati music director Vipin Reshammiya, was born on 23rd July 1973.
Himeshji studied at Hill Grange School in Peddar Road where he met his best friend Prashant Chadha. Prashant is responsible for Himesh’s new look and for directing all of Himesh’s music videos from his private album “Aap Kaa Surroor” as well as promotional videos for the movies “Aashiq Banaya Aapne”, “Aksar” & “Tom, Dick & Harry”.

At just 16 years old and before Himeshji went into music direction, he produced television serials for Zee TV which included serials such as “Andaz” & “Amar Prem”.

The first big break came when Himeshji approached Salman Khan (who had just made it big with the hit movie “Maine Pyar Kiya”) who gave Himesh the chance to be a music director for the movie “Bandhan” along with the composer Anand Raj Anand.

He became good friends with Salman Khan, a famous Bollywood actor who starred in the movie, and composed songs for some subsequent movies in which Salman starred. Since then, Himesh & Salman have had a string of hits for movies such as “Pyar Kiya to Darna kya”, “Ye Hai Jalwa”, “Dulhan Hum Le Jayenge” and the more recent mega blockbuster album “Tere Naam”.

From this experience, Reshammiya was able to develop his own unique style of composition, based on pop music and catchy techno beats. He also places a particular emphasis on indian melodic hooks to his songs. His most popular album can be said to be Tere Naam.

With a series of popular film scores, he is considered to be one of the top music directors in Indian cinema today, along with A. R. Rahman and Anu Malik. His music is associated with the youthful and trendsetting culture that has recently been pervasive in India, particularly due to the popularity of the remixes of his songs.

He spoke to Lokvani about his life, his music and his upcoming show.

Welcome to the USA. What has been the response to Aap Ka Suroor thus far?

It has been “mind-blowing”. People have shown up in record numbers and the response has been really overwhelming. People in the United States have really touched me with their excitement and response to my show.  In every city we have gone to thus far, we have succeeded in building an emotional connection with each member of the audience.

Why is Aap Ka Suroor so popular?

I think every person has had an experience with love at some point in their life and hence they connect with the emotional content of the show. The show helps people relive some special moments in their lives. We also have a very talented cast.

You are currently the most sought after music director. What is the secret of your success?

It is the blessing of Goddess Saraswathi. While people often say it is hard work and talent that takes you to the top I firmly believe it is destiny. If it was only talent and hard work why do people stop being popular after a while?  Right now the time seems to be right for me.

How did the music director in you decide to become a singer?

Again it was destiny. I was not supposed to be the singer for Aashique Banaya. But due to some time constraints the producer decided to release the song in my voice and the success of that made me a singer.

Then came Aap Ka Suroor which was very well received and with the help of Prashant Chaddha who is a brilliant technician I was able to produce videos which are conceptually very strong. Chaddha is responsible for my look as well.  So I was transformed from a singer to a rock star.

Who is your musical mentor?

I have three. My father, God and a third person whose name shall continue to be a mystery have been responsible for my success. My father is my Guru. It is with the blessing of God that I am able to work at such a pace. I have nearly 1000 songs in my bank and I work 18 – 20 hours a day.  Everyone of my works is very creative and that is possible only because of divine help. 

You gave a lot of time to the youngsters on Saregamapa and you seem to have a special connection with Vinit who you call as your favorite Shishya. Why is Vinit special and why do you give so much of your time to youngsters like Vineet and Himani?

I think it is very important to give back. Saregamapa was my way of doing that. I think it is important to encourage good talent. Vineet ,Himani and Abhijeet are wonderful singers.

Vineet is special to me not only because he is talented but because he is a very good human being. I am very emotional person and I always connect with good people very easily.  I think the reason why Aap Ka Suroor concert is good is because everyone involved is a good person.

What advice would you give to youngsters who would like to make it big in the world of Bollywood music?

I would say listen to a lot of good music. Also if you can learn classical music it will be very useful. “Guru Bina Gyan Na Howe” – there is no knowledge possible without a Guru. Work hard. If God wishes it you will come across opportunities.  Hard work and talent are essential and God supports you, you will make it big.

You said that everyone must have had an experience with love. Could you share your experience?

I will share some of my personal experiences with the audience during the Aap Ka Suroor concert.

Any message for people in New England?

I am very excited to be there. I promise to deliver  a great show. Like at other cities, we hope we can see you in record numbers.

Thank you for your time.

Thank you.



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