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Jokes And Jokes


The music is rising in the background, Kajol is leaving, the train is moving away, Shah Rukh has tears in his eyes. The train is moving faster and Kajol thinks Shah Rukh has given up. And like always, at the last minute Shah Rukh makes his decision. He starts a fast jog, and breaks into a run. He tries to keep up and he gets a hold on the bar. With Kajol`s hand, he gets on.
He turns to Kajol and says, `I love you. C`mon let`s get off off this train.` He pulls the chain and the train stops. They get to the station and Kajol starts touching her face. Slowly, she pulls of a mask.
Shah Rukh lets out a scream, it was the guard. `I was tired of having guys jump on the train and stop them. I thought I would give you a shock this time!`

A man went to a barber and told him to trim his hair like Salman Khan in Tere Naam. While he was getting his haircut, he fell asleep. When he woke up, he saw his head bald. He got furious and asked the barber: Why did you do this? I told you to cut my hair in Salman style. The barber said: `I saw the movie after the interval.`

Two men -- one brilliant and one average guy -- were called for a job intreview. The brilliant guy is called in first.
Boss: Who Was The First Prime Minister Of India ?
Applicant 1 : Jawaharlal Nehru
Boss: When Did India Get Freedom From British ?
Applicant 1: Tried in 1857 But Got In 1947
Boss: Is there life on Mars?
Applicant 1: Everyone belives so, but it`s not proved yet.
The applicant was asked to wait outside. When he came out, the second applicant asked him: `What answers did you give? Can you tell him?`
He got the answers and rushed in, without asking the first applicant what the questions were.
Boss: What Is Your Name ?
Applicant 2: Jawaharlal Nehru
Boss: When were you born ?
Applicant 2: Tried in 1857, but got In 1947
Boss: Are You Mad ?
Applicant 2: Everyone belives so, but it`s not proved yet.

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