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Tanuja Limaye To Offer Special Part I Art Of Living Course

Anil Saigal

A special Art of Living Summer Course 2006 (Part I) is being conducted in Newton, MA. Repeaters Welcome!

Most of us live very busy lives managing families, homes and careers. The demands of being provider, nurturer, parent, spouse, etc can often overwhelm us.

With increasing pressure to achieve and produce more at a faster rate in a shorter time span, stress is often considered a normal part of the daily routine. Prosperity and success have captured our attention, yet improving the quality of life often seems out of reach for most people.

Burn out causes a decrease in motivation, poor health and an inability to achieve one's goals. Regardless of earning capacity or status, unless the quality of life is improved, disappointment and frustration can continue to interfere with creativity and productivity, and affect both business and personal life.

The Art of Living Workshop dramatically improves human performance in the workplace and at home by reducing stress, creating a greater sense of commitment and team unity. This in turn enhances the overall quality of life. The Workshops is generally held over six consecutive days totaling 16-18 hours of participation. Continuing support is provided through regular Follow-up Sessions at no additional cost.

Learn powerful & effective breathing techniques which you can practice at home. Six session program on Pranayama, Yoga, Advanced Breathing Techniques, Deep Relaxation, Group Processes, and lots of FUN!

We are very lucky to have Tanuja Limaye come from India to teach the Boston College Course from June 20th - 25th. This would be a wonderful opportunity to experience the Part 1 Course with one of Art of Living's most dynamic and enthusiastic teacher. Do invite your friends and family to be a part of this wonderful experience!

To read the interview of Tanuja Limaye in Lokvani, go to
In Conversation With Tanuja Limaye.

Experiences of some participants:

I feel light and happy and full of courage to move my life into a better direction. I'mm freer to be myself.

The course was a lot of fun. I feel more centered and present in my activities. It is easier to accept myself and others as we are. It is just great!

When: Tues, June 20th thru Sun, June 25th
Where: St. Joseph's Chapel, Gonzaga Hall, Boston College, MA
Contact: Penelope Holliday at 617.459.8264.

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