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Ravi Sakhuja Wins A Place In The Lexington School Committee

Nirmala Garimella


Thirty-nine percent of the 18,500 registered voters in town cast ballots on March 6th in the Town Elections in Lexington. Ravi Sakuja who was making a bid for the School Committee was elected with 24.9 percent of the town wide vote. His election platform of ‘Excellent Education and Effective oversight’ appealed to many looking for fresh ideas and a new face. Town Clerk Donna Hooper sworn in the new elected officials in a quiet ceremony at the Cary hall on March 7th. The School Committee's chairwoman, Helen Cohen, also won a second term, topping the four candidates with 25.3 percent of the vote. Sakhuja came in second with 24.9 percent of the town wide vote, while incumbent Burson finished third with 22.9 percent and Newcomer Jesse Segovia got  11.6 percent of the vote.

 Lokvani caught up with Ravi Sakhuja after his win and asked him about the immediate plans for the schools. According to Sakhuja “The most immediate priority is to get the budget of 2007 fiscal year approved and work with other School Committee members to see if we can a consensus budget with Selectmen agreed upon. Over one year, I would like to work with other SC members to establish top 2-3 priorities established and come with a plan to meet them”.

 Asked about how he felt about the Indian American support in the town elections Sakhuja admitted that they rallied behind him enthusiastically, “For the Indian American community, I believe that this maybe the first time in Massachusetts we pulled together behind a candidate of our own and made a difference. There are over 500 voters of IA heritage and the winning difference was 299 votes only".

 So what was his advice on the community’s involvement in town politics, “ I would like to encourage Indian Americans to step forward and do our civic duty by participating in public service. We have a lot to offer based on our commitment to our families, value system and culture and I found Lexingtonians very willing and eager to accept and support new ideas.







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