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NETA Felicitates Dr Mohan Babu, Actor


Evergreen hero, Dr. M. Mohanbabu was felicitated by New England Telugu
Association and other local Telugu groups on January 29, 2006, evening at India Society Center and a capacity crowd of around 400 Telugu Bostonians attended the event.

 The Welcome address was given by Smt. Vahini Kuppa, President NETA . Sri Mohanbabu was accompanied by Sri Ranjan Vadlapatla and a journalist and a global community new services chairman from New Jersey, Sri Srinivas Polavarapu.Smt. Vahini Kuppa, Sri Ranjan Vadlapatla, Sri Madhu Chary and Sri SrinivasPolavarapu spoke about Mohanbabu’s achievements, Mr. Ranjan Vadlapatla said that Dr Mohan Babu is not a man; he is a "vyavasta" a man of vision, a successful film producer, a champion of people's voice, an educationist, social worker and above all a philanthropist. His dedication and determination towards educating poor kids resulted in establishing Sri Vidhya Niketan near Tirupati in Andhra Pradesh.

Dr. Mohanbabu then stressed the need to be united, focused on the task
and urged everyone to not attach any importance to caste... He said “No matter how much you earn, be humble and treat everyone equally. One’s life will have so many ups and downs. Don’t get overjoyed on success and don’t be sad and depressed on a failure.” He explained how he has to work hard to make ends meet in his early days before he entered films.

NETA and other groups felicitated Dr. Mohanbabu on completion of 30
years of film career and for his social and educational related work by giving
him a” Life time achievement award”. NETA also felicitated Sri Ranjan
Vadlapatla for his exceptional community service by giving “out standing
Community service award". Those who felicitated Dr. Mohanbabu and Sri Ranjan Vadlapatla include Sri Mohan Nannapaneni, Sri Haribabu Muddana, Dr Meka Seshagiri Rao, SriDulipala Venkateswara Rao (past TAGB president), Dr. S. N. Rao (past TAGB president), Sri. Madhu Chary (past TAGB president), Sri. Murali Kuppa (NETA), Smt. Vahini Kuppa (NETA) and Sri Kaki Srinivas.

Sri Ranjan Vadlapatla inspired by the speech of Dr Mohan Babu about Sri
Vidyanikethan Tirupathi announced "one lakh rupees" to present a
Gold medal to the bright students of Sri Vidyanikethan as well as towards
educating and encouraging under -privileged children.

In the cultural program that preceded the felicitation, The kids
(PranaviBoyalakuntla, Aishwarya Deva, Srinidhi Sharma, Sahaja Surapaneni,  AnshuPunreddy, Sathvika Dabbi, Varsha Pagidi, Sreya Nalla) did a wonderful dance for the old classic song from Maya Bazaar,‘Vinnavate Yashodamma’.  Ramya Kuppa danced with grace for another song ‘Aha naPellanta’ from Mayabazar. Roshan Tadi presented another graceful dance. The cultural program concluded with Duryodhana dialogues by Sri Madhu Chary.

Sri Mahima Investments spokesman, Soma Sekhar Reddy Nalla
presented an investments opportunity to the telugu community in Boston area.

Sri Ranjan Vadlapatla thanked Dr Naveena and Mythali Dandamudi families. Friends and family of Dr Mohanbabu came from far away places like
Washington DC, New Jersey, New York and Connecticut. Every family got an opportunity to talk and have a picture with Dr. Mohanbabu and several kids requested his autograph which he acknowledged gracefully

The Program ended with a vote of thanks by Murali Kuppa chairman Sri
Mahima investments, followed by free festive dinner provided by NETA.


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