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Y.G Mehendra Keeps The Audience Laughing

Ranjani Saigal

Y.G.Mahendra and his troupe of UAA artists have been delighting Tamil Theater fans for years with their flair for staging plays that touch your funny bone. New England Tamil Sangam presented  Kadhallika Neremundu  on October 10, 2005 at Littleton High School.

The play opens with the hero Venkat’s (Y.G.Mahendra) parents trying to arrange a job for him. The plot revolves around Venkat falling in love with the girl next door . The girl has an unmarried aunt who is nearly fifty. The aunt decided to remain single after her lover who was going to buy Masal Vadai left her and never came back. The aunt turns to Bhakti and is always ready to display her love for God very publicly.  Venkat’s girl friend agrees to marry him provided he finds her aunt’s long lost lover.

There are quite a few comedy of errors as Venkat attempts this seemingly impossible task. The plot includes a Malayalee insurance agent who would do anything to get a policy signed including pretending to be Mahavishnu for a day!. Venkat does find the aunt’s lost love who turns out to be a magician-cum-marriage registrar and everything ends happily.

There was a Kerala touch to the play. There was a  “Palakaddu” feel to the Tamil characters.   Ever since the small screen has taken off, theatrical producations have seen a lot of competition. Yet Y.G.M and his troupe have been successful. Watching the play, it is clear that the success of this troupe is due to the amazing talent of YGM. His dedication to the theater is laudable. We hope YGM and others keep stage craft alive so that we get to see such productions in the future..



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