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Book Review - Party Princess

Press Release

PARTY PRINCESS, the second book in the well-received Teach Your Children Well series (Child & Family Press/April 2005/$8.95/ ISBN 1-58760-038-2), finds Madison celebrating her sixth birthday with her friends. When Madison uses her mom’s makeup to transform herself into the perfect birthday princess, she soon finds herself in a messy situation!

PARTY PRINCESS gives young children the opportunity to watch Madison resolve her own dilemmas with the support of her mother and her stuffed owl, Wisdom. Dr. Vanita Braver’s insightful and entertaining story for children ages 4-8 demonstrates the valuable lesson that true beauty can only be found within.

The Teach Your Children Well series is a unique tool to help young children develop moral values and confidence through self-reflection and decision making. Children will relate readily to Madison, a realistic and lovable protagonist on whom they can model their own behavior, and through the characters of Madison’s mom and dad, Dr. Braver offers parents positive and appropriate responses for turning childhood’s troublesome scenarios into teachable moments.

According to Dr. Braver, “character and morality are not innate gifts, but assets we develop through modeling. After all, character is destiny.”

(Vanita Braver, MD, is the Psychiatric Medical Director at Bonnie Brae, a residential treatment center for troubled youth. She lives in Warren, NJ, with her husband and three daughters. )

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Dr. Vanita Braver

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