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Youth Forum - My Feathery Fear

Nikhil Nathwani

My Feathery Fear

One thing I fear, are feathery ducks.
and when I went to the pond, boy was it my luck!
All we were doing, was feeding the birds bread,
but in a split second, I was attacked by dread.
“AAAAAHHH!!!”  Daddy, carry me, they’re pointing their wings,
And laughing at me! The flock was yelling and scurrying around,
while making that extremely loud and terrible sound.
Quack! Quack! It was replaying in my head,
I just wanted to wake up, prone in bed.
The smell of the water, made me want to gag,
This was just unbearable, I couldn’t take it anymore,
And just like a heavy rainstorm, my tears began to pour.
I was afraid the ducks would chase me, and viciously bite me too,
I would feel much safer if they were locked up in a zoo.
So when you see this feathery bird, you’ll know exactly what to do,
Run away…’Cause the ducks could be after you

(Nikhil Nathwani is 12 years old and lives in Chelmsford, MA. )

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