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In Conversation With Dr. Nimbalkar

Nirmala Garimella

Recipient of the Padma Shri Award for the Year 2004, Dr. Nimbalkar personifies the practice of Yoga in his talk and demeanor. When I meet him at his daughter's home in Waltham, his conversation is interspersed with topics such as Yogic Science, Yoga therapy, naturopathy and the benefits of this practice for a healthful living. Soft-spoken, gentle and patient, he says his ultimate dream is to bring yoga to every doorstep’ where it becomes a part and parcel of every household. To spread this message he founded the Yoga Vidya Niketan (YVN) in Mumbai along with wife Shakuntala who assists him in this endeavor. The Government of Maharashtra has recognized it as a Special Institute for Yoga Education & Research.


Shri S. P. Nimbalkar is retired Vice Principal of Junior College in Mumbai. His Guru Swami Kuvalayanandaji, Founder-Director of world renowned Yoga Institute Kaivalyadhama, at Lonavala, India has been a pioneer in research work in Yogic Science which adopts a scientific approach towards Yoga. Formally a Physical education instructor, Nimbalkar learnt form his Guru the benefits of Yoga and soon adapted it to his lifestyle. As a teacher himself, he realized that the best way to impart this education is to teach to the teachers themselves. So he developed a Diploma in Yogic Science – a Teachers’ Training Course (One Year Part-Time) and a Short Duration Teachers’ Training Course (Residential) at the Institute.


Classes emphasize breathing, meditation, and relaxation. Teachers receive individual attention and are encouraged to work within their individual capacities. Classes often focus on a specific theme such as a yoga posture, a yoga sutra, breath adaptation -- or on particular parts of the body such as lower back, spine, neck and shoulders. Other courses such as a Diploma in Yoga Therapy and in Natural Living & Naturopathy (N.D.) are also offered.


Shri Nimbalkar has written a number of books on Yoga. His book 'Aarogyasathi Yoga' won the National Award in 1978; also this book has achieved a record sale of over one lakh copies. His other book on 'Pranayama' was honored with a state Award in 1979. His book 'Swasthya Ke Liye Yoga' got the financial assistance for its publication from Government of India, Ministry of Health and Education and this book was the main attraction in 'Mystic India' Exhibition held at New Delhi in 1997.


On his numerous visits to the US to his daughter’s home who resides in Boston, he has conducted workshops on Yoga for Health and Peace, Yoga for Women and has given talks at Doctors’ meet in various states within the US. His plans for the future: “To develop a diploma in Natural Living and Yogic Therapy. In the end, I hope that just as people get together in each other homes for dinner and festivities, they should get together for Yoga in the same way. It should be a subject for pleasure”.



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