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SNEH Group - Diwali Blast


It was just like being in India. The Diwali celebration of SNEH (Society of New England Hindians) was literally a blast if one cared to notice the sound of the feet on the dance floor.  The most remarkable part of the event organized on November 21st at Milan Restaurant was the dance at the end of the cultural program and dinner.  Attendees of all age groups danced on the floor to a variety of songs and remixes.  It was a fascinating sight to see couples making the most traditional moves along with those who literally imitated the Bollywood, or shall we say, Hip-Hop style. But that was not all.  A sellout crowd of 150 people attended the event and we saw guests with infants as well as people well into their seventies.  This is the second year that SNEH has organized this event. 

The event started with Diwali pooja, which was offered by Pandit ji from SavaDev Mandir. It was followed by the cultural program, which included performances by several dancers of all ages ranging from Bollywood melodies to South Indian classical dances.  There were songs, parodies, music quiz and of course, jokes. In summary, people of all ages had a great time.

Special thanks to Paresh Motiwala (musical quiz and jokes); Prasoon Triphati (mimicry); Susruthi Rajnala, and Priya Moglicherela, Gayathri Menon (cultural dance); Pratik Shah and Binal Reshamwala (singing their melodies); Nidhi Garg (snake dance); Sanjay Chaudhary (jokes/parodies); Anku Tripathi (dance); and Pallavi (dance) for their great performances. Also, many thanks to Parul Garg for hosting a great event.

SNEH is a rapidly growing group of Indians in New England.  What attracts members to the group are opportunities to make new friends and socialize throughout the year (small gatherings are often held at the home of a member during winter months while large groups gather outdoors for picnics in summer).  And all of this, without any pressure to make huge contributions or pay yearly dues.  To join the group, simply visit the website at http://www.neani.org


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