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Poem: Vows Renewed On A Sunday Afternoon

Manorama Choudhury

Vows Renewed on a Sunday Afternoon...


It was a quiet Sunday afternoon
“Summer is over,” says the early Autumn breeze
It's cool but with traces of warmth 
The afternoon sun basking in its glories

Its golden glow was generous to spread 
The blanket of love and warmth around us
We hopped into our car and wandered around 
From the busy city to the lonely town  

We just drove through traffic, not so thick   
We meandered along the lazy curves of the street
Traffic was getting thinner and thinner 
Painting grim signs of arriving fall all over 
We drove till the land merged with the sea 
Witnessing trees turning yellow, orange, and red with glee
Till the wheels won’t carry us further
Till as solitary as we can be.

The smooth glossy road turned to dirt 
The path became narrow and narrower
We were like lovebirds renewing our vows
Under the boughs of trees intertwined together

Walking hand in hand on the twisted trails 
Under the green tree tunnel of the woods unpaved
One led to the ceiling of the sky touching a cliff
We chose the other, to my dream mermaid.

Along the lawless path of the bottom rocks
We made to the rocky bay meeting ocean
Hopping, jumping, and skipping rocks 
Oh, we had forgotten this childlike fun

Soaking in sun we sat there calm and cool
Listening to waves rejuvenated our mind and soul 
On rocks, waves brushing and splashing 
We the love birds sat long hours past reminiscing.

As my curly locks dangled on his face to play
While he rested on my lap I got carried away 
Far from the hustle of the city's ignoble strife
The playful cool breeze brought our youth alive 

Twilight descended silently on the horizon, 
As we got lost thinking of carpe diem !!

@Manorama Choudhury

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