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Congress Parliamentarian Shashi Tharoor shared some light-hearted food humour while commenting on a Twitter thread.

He reposted a witty conversation between former Managing Director of Twitter Parminder Singh and two others.

In the hilarious exchange, Singh had said, “If two guys fight over a tandoori naan, is that violence or naan-violence.”

Ram Vaidyanathan, a Twitter user, replied, “Naan violence is part of our kulcha.” Another user added, “Lassi who wins.”

Coming up with a hilarious food pun while taking forward a conversation in the same vein, Shashi said “as a Southie I would rice to the occasion, provided some-bar wasn’t there.”

The exchange of puns continued after Tharoor’s tweet.

The Delhi University alumnus turned nostalgic about the fun they used to have on campus.

“Thanks for Tweeting this Shashi. Not just Stephen’s, repartees like this were a DU rasam. Though I was there at a different time would have loved to spar with you idli,” commented Parminder Singh.

“It’s never too lait… but for now yeh coffee hain,” replied Tharoor.

“It's butter not to fight over this naan sense,” said another.

“A daily “dosa” of humour was a staple diet at College! I’m not going to “mince” my words- jokes at the Cafe prevented too much “roti” learning from “scrambling” your mind,” added Vikram Chandra

Poori dish can be bevy translated in English as paan india, said a netizen.

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