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Group For Research Project On Diabetes

Sudhir Parikh

NATARAJA Yoga Center in co-operation with other Organizations:  SATSANG Sunday Yoga Spirit, IHOW – India House of Worship of MD, Bindu Yoga, plans to offer Special Approach to manage Diabetes.  


Interested folks must register on this Link: 




Respected YOGA Lovers or Any Diabetic Persons!  During our Presentation - Celebration of InterNational YOGA Day on June 19th, We presented Yoga Practices Related to Diabetes.  Also we talked about starting a Group for Research Project on Diabetes.  If you are interested, you are invited to join this Group.   Especially, if you are Diabetic or have Risk Factors which may lead to Diabetes eventually.  

God has blessed us with Unique Body - Mind Complex.  So what is Good for the majority does NOT mean that it will work for us (me !)  As an Individual,  Easy way to Deal with any ailments is to go for Medicine.  But Medicine has Limitations too, plus the side effects.  


The Purpose of this Venture is to figure out what is Best for our Unique Body !  With the Hope that we will find something - some Special Discipline - that would be Best for Managing our own Diabetic Condition !    Whether you are Prediabetic, Diabetic, Pro-Diabetic (Gestational Diabetes ! ), On Medication or considering Medication.  U R welcome to join !    If you are interested, Plz call us  or e-mail us:  natarajayogacenter@gmail.com

PS: Please talk with your doctor for participation in this Diabetes Research Project.  You would need prescription for FreeStyle Libre 2.   You may need to pay from your pocket.  Please do not insist that your Insurance or Medicare pay for it.   It is an investment for Our Health.   It costs about $35 per Sensor which will last for 14 days. So if you have them for 2 months, we are talking about $150 investment.  You are NOT going to change whatever Medication you are taking during this period.   But, you should stay in touch with your doctor during this period. 

Pankajben  781-334-2968,  Bindu Gupta 774-253-5571, Hansaben  617- 965-9618, Harshalbhai  617-571-7266, Dr. Bhasker 240-298-1483, Rajbhai  978-399-4027, Dr. Subhshree 609-502-3915, niru 603-623-1930, Sudhir 603-661-7101 . 

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