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Grand Opening Of The Brahma Kumaris Meditation Center

Dev Lingadevaru

The 14th of May, 2022 was a bright and pleasant day with clear skies and perfect weather. Grand opening flags were waving in the breeze on the green lawn at the newly renovated Brahma Kumaris Meditation Center in Watertown. The renovation of the center was completed back in November 2019. Due to COVID-19, the center was not opened to the public.

The long-awaited grand opening of the center started on the morning of the 14th with a gathering of special invitees who were welcomed by the center coordinators - Rita Cleary and Dev Lingadevaru. They shared the history of how and when Brahma Kumaris started in the Greater Boston area in a small space and continued to expand to be in this new space steadily.

Dr. Kala Iyengar, the Director of Peace Village - the learning and retreat center of the Brahma Kumaris was the keynote speaker and she shared on the topic of New Beginning. She was exploring with the audience how newness actually is a process of change from what already exists. She shared about the Raja Yoga meditation practice of the Brahma Kumaris and invited everyone to join in a meditation experience with background soulful music. The guests were presented with gifts and entertained by melodious songs by various artists. The morning culminated with the guests being invited to join the festive celebratory luncheon.

Following the conclusion of the morning celebration, an open house was held in the afternoon with a live performance by Stan Strickland, who is a renowned singer, saxophonist, and flutist. This ethereal experience continued with a sharing by Dr. Kala on the topic of the "need for meditation in these times" through an experiential meditation session. Rita Cleary and Dev Lingadevaru invited everyone to come to the center on a regular basis to learn and participate in the Rajayoga meditation. 

There were special spaces created for youth and children to engage in creative activities and learn the benefits of practices like yoga exercises, calming the mind, and meditation. The staff of the Brahma Kumaris were in a meet and greet session with the attendees to inform them of the ongoing activities of the center and to answer their questions etc. 

The day concluded with everyone leaving with fullness and enthusiasm to return back to the sacred space to be part of the future offerings.

More information about the center and its activities can be found on the website www.bknewengland.org or call @ 617-926-1230

Om Shanti

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