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26th Annual Harvard India Poetry Reading

Bijoy Misra

Since 1997, Harvard University has hosted an Annual India Poetry Reading, which is an assembly of poets who recite poems in various languages on topics relevant to India.  It was inaugurated to celebrate the 50 years of India’s independence.   Catherine Galbraith and the late Swami Sarvagatananda were the principal motivators.

Freedom is again in peril at various parts of the world.  Many lack economic freedom, food is scarce to a large section of the humanity and religious terror has replaced religious freedom.    There is political oppression in different countries and there is complete autocracy in a few other countries.  India’s Call for Freedom needs new resonance in the world today.













Through this note I invite you to join us in the virtual assembly on Sunday, May 15, 2022. The Zoom link ishttps://us02web.zoom.us/j/87533085353?pwd=WUorUlBXRHBZOVZCOHE0NmpkZTAzdz09

Please write to me at misra.bijoy@gmail.com in case you wish to participate.  We have space for five more new participants.  We encourage women and young adults.  All languages are welcome.  Please join.

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