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. What do electricians call a power outage?

A: A current event

. Q: How tall is a union electrician?

A: Don’t know. I’ve never seen one of them stand up to do something.

. Chief electrical engineer: “You told me you’d have this job finished in 3 days.”

Engineer: “I didn’t say it would be 3 consecutive days.”

. New engineer: “How do you estimate how long it will take to do a project from start to finish?”

Longtime engineer: “I add up how long it takes to complete each task, then multiply the sum by pi.”

New engineer: “Why pi?”

Longtime engineer: “To make sure all my budgets are irrational.”

. One manager was bragging to another. “I have a great new electrician working for me. Last week I gave him a project and he stayed up for 4 straight days, completed the circuit board design, finished the bill of materials, and everything was perfect. Monday morning the client called and was thrilled with the results.”

His friend asked, “So how far ahead of schedule did he finish?”

The manager said, “Ahead of schedule? Who ever heard of an electrician finishing ahead of schedule?”

. What’s fried, gray, and hangs from the ceiling?

A: An electrician apprentice who didn’t listen

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