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For The Mathematically Inclined

Anil Saigal

Problem 1:
The diagonals in a rhombus  ABCD are 6 cm and 8 cm long. What is the perimeter of this rhombus?

Problem 2:
A prism with an altitude of 15cm has a base in the form of a regular octagon inscribed in a square 10cmx10cm. What is  the volume of the prism?


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Problems from 12/30/21

Problem 1:
A car accelerates at 24miles/hr2 and then decelerates at 12miles/hr2. If it travelled for 30 minutes what is the maximum speed it reached?

Problem 2:

An object is thrown up vertically from a height of 6m at 18m/s. How long will it take for the object to hit the ground?

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