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Diwali Lights Illuminate The Tower Hill Botanic Gardens

Press Release

Diwali Lights illuminate the Tower Hill Botanic Gardens
Wander through the gardens and celebrate the Indian Festival of Lights

For the first time, Tower Hill Botanic Garden will be celebrating the auspicious Indian festival of Diwali which denotes the triumph of light over darkness. It will be held on November 20, from 6 to 9 pm and is organized in collaboration with the India Society of Worcester (ISW), the largest Indian cultural organization in MetroWest.

One of the major festivals of India, Diwali gets its name from the row of lights that light up homes in India to signify the path from darkness to light. The illuminated gardens will help recreate the festive atmosphere and will include traditional rangoli patterns, elaborate designs made with colored sand. Activities will include Indian dance performances, a henna artist applying temporary tattoos, an introductory lecture on Ayurveda and a mini-bazaar with packaged food and jewelry from India. Authentic Indian dishes, from famed caterer, Bawarchi Biryani, will also be available for purchase. 

“We are excited to partner with Tower Hill Botanic Garden to celebrate Diwali,” said Shiamin Melville, ISW coordinator for the event. “The lit-up gardens bring back memories of sparkling Diwali nights for many of us. We look forward to sharing this joyous occasion with the ISW and Greater Worcester community.”

“We are thrilled to partner with the India Society of Worcester to host Diwali Lights at Tower Hill,” said Grace Elton, CEO at Tower Hill Botanic Garden. “This event is sure to be special for ISW and Tower Hill members, the Garden staff, and the general public who are able to join us.”

Tickets are on sale at the Tower Hill website with discounts for ISW and Tower Hill Botanic Garden members. ISW members can get a promotional code at the ISW Website. All who are able must wear masks indoors at Tower Hill Botanic Garden until further notice. This is a timed entry event, but visitors are welcome to stay until the property closes at 10 pm.

About the Tower Hill Botanic Garden

Tower Hill Botanic Garden is a nonprofit organization located at 11 French Drive in Boylston, Massachusetts. We are operated on 171 acres by the Worcester County Horticultural Society, one of the oldest of its kind in the country, and are open to the public for garden viewing, trail walking, activities, private events, classes, weddings, exhibitions, and more. We are an AAM-accredited museum that includes an irreplaceable collection of plants. At Tower Hill, we hope to engage you in our life-long passion for growing plants for their ornamental, economic, and ecological value. Learn all about Tower Hill Botanic Garden including its history, mission, and its staff. 

About the India Society of Worcester

The India Society of Worcester, affectionately known as the ISW, is one of New England's most vibrant Indian associations. It is primarily a cultural, social, educational, and charitable organization, with a weekly free Health Stop and Language school. Since its establishment in 1963, the ISW has become a conduit of Indian culture for young Indians born in the U.S.A., as well as the local communities in the region.  It is an outlet where the young and the old can showcase their talents. The ISW also collaborates with other Indian organizations in the region and acts as an advocate for many global and community causes. The multidimensional nature of the ISW has drawn local city and state authorities, as well as businesses to the society. Today, the ISW is one of the most renowned organizations representing the Indian Community.

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