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Light Body Activation By Rejith Kumar

Chandrika Govardhan

Register for “Light Body Activation” Sunday Oct 17, 6 a.m EST Conducted for FREE by Lord Muruga Devotee Shri. Rejith Kumar of Thrissur, Kerala

Shri Rejith Kumar, founder of the spiritual organization Lion Mayura Royal Kingdom (LMRK), is ready for his next Lord Muruga ordered duty - “Light Body Activation” that comes right on the heels of the Skanda Bharata Maha Yagam conducted on Aug 15, 2021 in Pazhani, Tamilnadu (Lokvani, July 26, 2021) to usher in world peace and prosperity. The yagam was one of a kind grand ritual meticulously planned and executed by LMRK members under the stewardship of Shri. Rejith Kumar’s and performed by Sivashri Selva Subramanya Sivachariar of Sri Dhandayuthapani Swamy Devasthanam, Pazhani. After the yagam, Shri Rejith Kumar has received several divine revelations, one of which is to conduct the Light Body Activation virtually for anybody interested in participating, irrespective of age, nationality, religious or spiritual beliefs. Events such as these along with the prior events of installation of the Mayura Simhasana in Wales, U.K in 2018, pradishta of of Anjaneyar and navapashana Lord Muruga statue in Switzerland in 2020, visits to energy centers all over the world for opening them are all part of ushering in the Muruga yugam that started in 2013.

Light Body Activation is a special empowerment series wherein the incredibly radiant, compassionate, intelligent and divine light within us is primed. The first session in this series is set for Sunday Oct 17 at 6 a.m. Eastern time and 3:30 p.m. India time. Energy centers within the body may be opened with the intensity of the sensations experienced being subtle to strong or not felt until days later. Changes occur in mind, body and soul. The process is gradual, allowing one to access higher realms of consciousness, enhanced spiritual power and health. Whatever the experience, the process will gradually lead to an awakening. One can only imagine the shift in consciousness that this may bring about in the world with enthusiastic broad worldwide participation. Such wisdom of light body activation was kept secret by siddha/saints for centuries and passed on only to close disciples. This is an unique opportunity offered for free that everybody should avail. Through this purification process, one will be able to drop impurities like Karma, Maya, and Ahamkar (Ego) which act as barriers and with Divine grace transform the karmic-laden physical body into a light body. It is only through the light body can one fully merge with the Divine and attain the ‘Shunyatha State’ or ‘Zero-State’ and progress towards Self-Realisation. Lord Muruga has further revealed that this would increase the memory power for students, improve the decision making ability of business people and reduce the tension of those who are engaged in intense work.

Shri Rejith Kumar realized that in preparation for this divine duty, Lord Muruga had directed him to visit places where Saint Ramalinga Swamigal (otherwise known as Vallalar) used to live or visit to receive his blessings on Thai Poosam day (Jan 28, 2021). Shri Rejith Kumar visited Chennai, Tamilnadu and spent time in prayer and meditation and received Sri Ramalinga Swamigal’s blessings on the scared Thaipoosam day. The places he visited were i) Sri Ramalinga Swamigal’s residence at Seven Wells where the great saint lived and had the darshan of Lord Muruga on his mirror as a young boy, ii) Ramalinga Swamigal Mutt in Thiruvottiyur where the sacred mirror is being currently kept, and iii) Thyagaraja Swami Temple, Thiruvottiyur. Shri Rejith Kumar shared that he had received the saint’s blessings during his visit to Chennai. It was further revealed to him by Lord Muruga that Sri Ramalinga Swamigal would guide and support the LMRK Mission in its future duties.

Shri Rejith Kumar has been taught a special meditation technique by Lord Muruga through which he would be able to invoke the necessary divine energies and facilitate the Light Body Activation Process. Shri Rejith Kumar has requested all those who are participating in the live event to keep photos of Lord Muruga and Sri Ramalinga Swamigal and offer their prayers to them before a lit lamp. Participants would be able to witness Shri Rejith Kumar doing the prayers through a live telecast from his pooja room at Thrissur, Kerala. Shri Rejith Kumar would pass the divine energies invoked during the meditation to a flame lit lamp. It would then be transferred from there to the flame lit lamps in the participant household of those who are praying along with him during the live event and from the lit lamp to their bodies. It must be understood that the transformation would occur gradually over time based on the individual’s level of spiritual awareness. This event will be held periodically when possible.

Please register for the light body activation event for free at http://lionmayura.org/light.php

To know more about the LMRK Mission visit their website -  www.lionmayura.org

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