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A 30th Anniversary Forever Domestic Violence Stamp Proposal

Kumu Gupta

A 30th Ann. Forever Domestic Violence Stamp Proposal

September 13, 2024 marks 30th Ann. of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) authored in 1994 by then Senator Joseph Biden, Miss Kumu Gupta has sent in a proposal for a 30th Ann. Forever Domestic Violence Stamp to the US Postal Service to be issued in 2024 . Now that Senator & Vice President Biden is President Biden and at the helm of this fight, it would be so fitting to commemorate the milestone of this life saving measure with a Forever Stamp that will put this fight front and center of daily living of the American public, every single time someone mail's something.

A Forever USPS Domestic Violence Stamp would serve as a poignant reminder of how even today in the 21st century ,domestic violence is still a sad statistics in our daily lives in alarming ways both in America and worldwide  and will help keep focus of this heinous crime on a daily basis in raising awareness of this issue . To add to the suffering, in the last one year,  during an unprecedented pandemic of our times, Time Magazine called it a “Pandemic within COVID-19 Pandemic” .

Kumu also send this proposal to U.N. Postal Administration.

* Kumu Gupta was nominated for President's Citizen Medal (white house) for her volunteer work (2011) helping victims of domestic violence for over 10 years and is recipient of Norfolk County D.A. & Governor's citation for her work in this area.

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