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NEHTI: Ganesh Chathurthi Festival

Press Release

Ganesh Chathurthi Festival on Friday September 10, 2021

Ganesha Chaturti is the birthday of our delightful and playful Lord of Auspicious Beginnings. In his thousands of names, Ganesha is glorified as the elephant-faced signifier of Om,

  • as Mangala Moorti – the form of auspiciousness
  • as Vighna Raja – the king (and remover) of obstacles
  • as Ganapati – the lord of the ganas -- categories or fields or groups -- and hence of all knowledge and wisdom
  • as Ekadanta – one-tusked because he broke it off to continue inscribing the Mahabharata without any break
  • as Umasuta – the son of Uma (Parvati)

His auspicious birthday is on the fourth day of the moon’s bright fortnight in the lunar month of Bhadrapada. During his birthday celebration, Ganesha is worshipped in temples or shrines for five, seven, or ten days, and he is then ceremoniously immersed in some parts of India to the chants of 'pudcha varshi lavkar ya' – come early next year! Such is the devotee’s love for Ganesha, the first-worshipped deity of the Sanatana Dharma traditions.  


Ganesh Chathurthi Program

Friday 9/10/2021 - Ganesh Chathurthi

(TEMPLE OPEN ALL DAY From 7:00 AM to 9:30 PM)

7:00 AM  Kalasa Sthapanam, Poorvanga Puja, Ganapathi Homam, Poornahuti

9:00 AM  Abhishekam for Moolavar (main deity)

10:45 AM  Ganesha Sahasranamam (1008 names) chanting by devotees

11:20 AM  Shodasa (16) Upachara Puja, Archana & Arathi

12:45 PM onwards continuous Archana(every 15 minutes), Aarathi to Ganesha  

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