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UIANE And Saheli Community Picnic

Divya Chaturvedi

UIANE and Saheli Community Picnic

On August 8, United India Association of New England (UIANE) together with Saheli, organized a picnic for New England residents. The event was held at the beautiful Nara Park in Acton with its beautiful beach, hiking trails, and rolling fields. The outdoor event featured a Hawaiian theme and a celebratory atmosphere. There was much to celebrate as many members and their families met each other in person after more than a year of virtual meetings due of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. It was no wonder then that more than 150 people registered for the picnic within few hours of broadcasting the event on social media.

Aditi Soni, the President of UIANE, and Neelam Wali, Board President of Saheli, addressed the attendees and welcomed everyone to a fun day.  

As people walked in, they could not resist taking photographs at the beautifully set up ‘Hawaiian’ photo booth. The karaoke was a major hit as many vied to try their hand at singing some of the most popular Bollywood songs surrounded by cheering friends and family. After eating a superbly delicious boxed lunch from Bollywood Café, everyone geared up for some serious ‘Tambola’ playing. The jubilation at winning a Tambola prize and the groans of disappointment from those who missed it by a single number created much hilarity and light-hearted enjoyment. But UIANE and Saheli organizers were not done yet! There were more games for children and adults and finally, an energetic session of BollyX dancing that brought everyone to their feet.

The Covid-19 pandemic has made all of us realize the importance of family and friends and giving time to things and people that truly matter. Thanks to UIANE and Saheli, people got to spend a beautiful summer day with their friends and family with music, dance, games, and wonderful food.

The event would not have been possible without the tireless efforts of UIANE and Saheli volunteers and members. Special thanks to committee members, board of directors, and advisors of both teams in planning this fun event for New England community.

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