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Lokvani wishes all its readers a very Happy Raksha Bandhan!

Raksha Bandhan: Love, Affection And Protection


While most consider working from home a boon, only those who are facing its real consequences know how it has had a major toll on their lives. According to statistics, 45 per cent of employees attend more meetings and 40 per cent experience mental exhaustion due to video calls. So, working from home has only increased their workload and in the process, consequently impacting relationships negatively. Imagine, you are having a fun, romantic movie night with your partner and suddenly you receive an email from your boss and the assignment is marked ‘ASAP’. That is the kind of looming stress we are talking about.

How Does It Affect Relationships?

Not Finding the Right Balance: A lot of us find it difficult to balance both personal and work lives. We usually forget what and when things need attention because prioritising things does not mean much till you end up having a conflict! If you can switch off home when you leave to work and switch off work when you leave home, you’d be easily able to strike a healthy balance. There are certain times when a career takes precedence over relationships and family, but it should not always be the case.

Venting Out Stress: When working remotely, it becomes rather simpler for work-related problems to impact marital and family relationships, since both the roles are happening in the same place and at the same time. You may vent out your problems to your better half without realising that they probably too had a bad day at work.


Dividing Responsibilities: Now that everyone is at home either working or attending lectures, there is a high chance that no one has enough time to do chores. So, all the load of cooking and cleaning comes on one person, who will eventually get frustrated and this will lead to bitter moments and arguments. 


Sharing Common Space: Another drawback work from home has caused is it has made individuals share their workspace with their SOs. So if meeting timings clash, tempers are likely to fly high, bad internet quality and background disturbance....


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