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Ratna's Seasonal Art Exhibition At Winchester Public Library

Press Release

This exhibition displays a few sample products (mugs and grocery bags) and images of products from the online store titled: Ratna’s Seasonal Art. At this online store, you shall find machine-made products infused with hand-made botanical art, by the local artist, Ratna Dalal. Since its launch in November 2017, its inventory has expanded to 37 design collections with over 2000 products! Through these products, Ratna’s art has touched the lives of people on four continents! The products include many items for daily life such as device covers, items for dining, bathroom, bedroom,
living room, shopping, travel etc.

You may wonder where is the need for such products? Let me explain. Climate change, global warming and rapid urbanization are slowly receding the natural world. Some scientists estimate that one flowering plant species dies out every day. Recently Time magazine quoted that 60% of plants in the world’s richest forests are at a risk of extinction in the next century. By the end of this century, 90% of the human populationwould be living in urban areas. This will create and is already creating an immense hunger for green pastures and the sight of delightful plants. Now with the pandemic, lockdowns and people working from home and spending long hours at the computer, there relevance becomes even more so. In response to all this, these products are made to infuse human lives with nature's beauty. These products are made on demand, one at a time. Hence there is no over production and no waste. Through this venture, Ratna addresses the issues of biophilia and climate change for a better world for all.

About Ratna Dalal
Ratna is an architect by profession (B.Arch., M.S.Arch.). She has lived and worked in New Delhi (India), Chicago, New York and now Winchester (since 2015). She has authored two books, two blogs and has branched off into a designer at Zazzle.

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