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Return To Glory: Skanda Bharata Maha Yagam

Sowmya Nikhil

August 15
Pazhani, Tamilnadu

Mankind in every corner of the world is probably ready to hit the RESET button to rein in COVID and restore not just normalcy but peace, abundance and glory. For Bharat, India, this means restoration of Sanatana Dharma and glory as it existed for example during the reign of Emperor Vikramaditya in Ujjain and when Lord Muruga was king of Kumari Kandam, the latter believed to be a lost continent submerged in the Indian Ocean remaining to be discovered. A historic auspicious RESET event, Skanda Bharata Maha Yagam (fire ritual), that anyone can participate in virtually, is being planned for August 15 in Pazhani, Tamilnadu, by Shri. Rejith Kumar from Thrissur Kerala, who is the founder of the spiritual organization, Lion Mayura Royal Kingdom (LMRK). The yagam is to ensure the divine protection and blessings of Lord Muruga for India and the world at large by relieving the pandemic afflicted world of diseases, removing negative influences and ushering in world peace and financial prosperity. The Skanda Bharatha Maha Yagam will be performed by Sivashri Selva Subramanya Sivachariar of Sri Dhandayuthapani Swamy Devasthanam, Pazhani under the stewardship of Shri Rejith Kumar. The yagam is the culmination of the month long Aadi-Kandha Purana Month celebrations. 

Significance of the Skanda Bharata Maha Yagam

Sri Adi Sankaracharya and Emperor Vikramaditya have both played crucial roles in restoring Sanathana Dharma in ancient Bharat (India). As per the divine revelation of Lord Muruga to Shri Rejith Kumar during his Bharata Parikrama earlier this year, in March 2021, Sri Adi Sankaracharya and Emperor Vikramaditya will henceforth be guiding the LMRK mission in carrying out its future duties.

The Skanda Bharatha Maha Yagam will impact beneficially and powerfully the future events of Bharat and the world. Ten LMRK members, in teams of 2 will travel to sacred places connected with Sri Adi Sankaracharya namely, Kalady (birthplace of Adi Sankaracharya and the four Sankara mutts established by Adi Sankaracharya at i) Shri Govardhan Peetham at Puri (Orissa) ii) Shri Jyotish Peetham at Badri (Uttarakhand), iii) Shri Saradha Peetham in Dwaraka (Gujarat), and iv) Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam in Kanchipuram (Tamil Nadu). The sacred text of Kandha Puranam will be read and special prayers will be offered to Sri Adi Sankaracharya at these sacred places to receive his blessings. The Kandha Puranam text and the LMRK Flag will be kept in these five places. The LMRK Flag has special symbols of the Vel, geographic representation of Kumari Kandam, and 10 Stars that signify the divine powers connected with the LMRK Mission like Lord Shiva, Divine Mother Aadhi Parasakthi, Lord Muruga, the Kumari Kandam Ancestors, and the Siddha Parampara like Bogar Siddhar, Pulipani Siddhar, and Maha Avatar Babaji. The symbols in the LMRK Flag are represented in gold to indicate the return of the Golden Age. Lord Muruga has revealed to Shri Rejith Kumar that this divine flag has a powerful vibration and has the ability to bless people’s homes. It also has the ability to awaken the Kumari Kandam souls who carry Pleidian (Karthika) energy.

The five teams following their Sankara Mutt visit will join Shri Rejith Kumar and other LMRK members in Ujjain on the 8th of August 2021 for a special pooja to Emperor Vikramaditya and Shradh rituals (Tarpanam) for the famous nine courtiers (Navaratnas) of Emperor Vikramaditya and the ancestors of Kumarikandam, to receive their blessings. Water from various sacred rivers will be collected while visiting the Sankara Mutts. These along with the sacred water of the Shanmuga river from Pazhani will be later used for the abhisekams of Lord Muruga’s Moorthy in Pazhani on Aug 15.

We warmly welcome you to join us in this historic auspicious event by registering your names through the LMRK Website – http://lionmayura.org/yagam.php. The registration for this is FREE. Please watch the live telecast of this event through LMRK’s social media, and other channels to receive the special blessings of Lord Muruga.

Shri Rejith Kumar and the LMRK Mission

LMRK organization was established on 1 May 2017 by divinely guided Shri Rejith Kumar to use as a platform for carrying out divine duties one of which is to establish Muruga yugam for 2000 years. Shri Rejith Kumar has received many divine insights from Lord Muruga and Siddhas which has led him to travel to various energy points and receive specific energies. He was directed by Lord Muruga to activate them and release the energies necessary for the Muruga Yugam and reveal their spiritual significance to the world. Stay tuned for a follow-on article on the pancha bootha energy points around the world. 

                                                                      Om Saravana Bhavaya Namaha

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