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Satsang Center: Guru Purnima Bhajans

Sudhir Parikh

Respected SATSANGI - Guru Bandhu and Bhagini !   Let's Celebrate Guru Purnima with Bhajans - Satsang.   July 23rd Friday is Purnima Day.  Meditate that Full Moon Night !  Why Meditate ?   Some other day ...... will Explain .... 

Very happy to announce that Sri Neetinvhai Karia of Los Angles, CA will join us for 30 minutes.  Our program will start after Daily arati @ 7:45 PM.  Daily Satsang starts at 7:00 PM. &:30 Aarati.  Today it is for Gaytri Mata.  So our Guru Purnima Program will start at 7:45 PM. Around 8:45 PM, we will offer Shraddhanjali for our dear friend Vibhasbhai Shah of Detroit.  He joined our daily arati since April 2020.  Attended and supported sound system practically everyday since than.  He also designed SATSANG's Accounting Program on Access since 1998.  Excellent Program.   You are invited to this Celebration.  ZOOM Program you can from anywhere in the world.  

Please use this Link to join for the Program:     
ZOOM  LINK!  https://us04web.zoom.us/j/8012418962pwd=bDZvV2k4OWp5dE5JQkJsTEFyMC9lUT0
Meeting ID: 801 241 8962     Password: JaiSiyaRam   
Pay attention to CAPITAL Letters.

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