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Keeping Your Brain Healthy


By focusing on prevention and early intervention, Sharp Again Naturally is changing the conversation and outcomes around dementia. We continue to educate the public and medical community about the causes of memory loss, and empower everyone to improve their brain health by putting this knowledge into action.


Founding CEO Brain Health &
Research Institute

Dr. Mary Kay Ross’ personal journey led to her becoming a pioneer in the reversal of cognitive decline.

Dr. Ross started her career as a board-certified Emergency Medicine physician, and in 2012 she found herself on the other side of the medical system after a very serious mold exposure. Instead of accepting a handful of prescriptions, Dr. Ross chose to become educated in Functional Medicine and changed the course of her healing and her practice.

In 2016, Dr. Ross teamed with Dale Bredesen, MD, who developed the multi-therapeutic approach to treating memory loss. Together they married her clinical expertise with his scientific insight gained from 30 years of researching Alzheimer’s Disease and its causes.

Today, Dr. Ross is the Founder and CEO of the Brain Health & Research Institute based in Seattle, WA. She will share with us how people experiencing cognitive decline are being treated and able to re-engage with their loved ones and their lives.

Come hear her speak on Tuesday July 20th at 6.30pm, Whitby Castle in Rye in New York.


Tuesday, July 20th, 2021 at 6:30pm at Whitby Castle, 330 Boston Post Rd. Rye, New York

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