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Launch Of Swami Mukundananda Leadership Academy (SMLA)

Press Release

We are delighted to inform you of the launch of Swami Mukundananda Leadership Academy (SMLA). The academy is a global platform for corporate training and executive development programs. SMLA offers courses to empower individuals and organizations with tools for professional and personal development, and leadership mastery.  

SMLA is here to take your organization to the next level of productivity, creativity, and pure genius. SMLA teaches you to thrive in this age of opportunity amid chaos by applying transformational leadership practices and management principles. The Academy strives to empower leaders to be grounded, service-oriented, and emotionally intelligent to scale great heights.

Strong leadership skills and social influence are key to leading change and success in every sphere of life. Good leaders have the ability to galvanize teams, turn around organizations, and transform the world. Effective leadership involves motivating and inspiring others to achieve common goals and vision. Enthusiasm, expertise, and excellence are traits found in exceptional leaders. They are also experts in bringing out the best in others by offering support and guidance. Hence, good leaders are both talented and service-oriented. 

SMLA offers expertise to drive accomplishment and extraordinary leadership in corporate organizations and educational institutions. Swami Mukundananda and SMLA faculty present the most sought-after topics relevant to working professionals and businesses through an array of courses. SMLA is leading the way in — Career Development, Personal Excellence, Mind Management, Leadership Training, and Life Mastery

Swami Mukundananda is an IIT and IIM alumnus, international mind management authority, and best-selling author. He has been coaching and mentoring people worldwide for over three decades. Swamiji has transformed the lives of millions through his life transformation programs and management strategies for growth and inner development. He has been invited to lecture at Fortune 500s such as Google, Yahoo, Oracle, and Ivy League Universities such as MIT, Yale, IIT, and so forth. SMLA offers mentorship by Swamiji to corporate executives and business leaders along with coaching by him or faculty/advisors to institutions and organizations.  

To discover more about SMLA and its offerings, visit www.sm-leadership.org. Contact at info@sm-leadership.org to invite Swamiji or SMLA faculty to coach/mentor at your organization. Watch SMLA launch video for details.

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