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Poem: COVID Blues, Nothing’s Guaranteed

Nagendra Rao

COVID Blues, Nothing’s Guaranteed    

Bored at home and watching friends’ antics online

thought I’d venture into uncharted waters.

Learnt everything’s not easy as told or looks as fine,

there’s always something untold and, it really bothers!


I made bread from a recipe online

it turned out lousy, hard and sour.

Great recipes are not a guarantee for great cuisine

I learnt it needs practice, experience and more.


I read instructions, planted tomatoes and roses, a lot,

they didn’t grow as nicely as pictured.

Just good seeds and water don’t guarantee a lovely crop,

I learnt it needs love, affection and a bed nurtured.


I thought let me paint a console table brown, with a flourish,

made a streaky mess, and spent twice the time fixing it.

Seems nice paint and effort don’t guarantee a glossy finish,

prep work, a good brush’s a must, didn’t tell me dammit!


Folks, it seems nothing’s guaranteed in this day and age,

being raised very well doesn’t guarantee you won’t be a creep.

Great education doesn’t guarantee common sense or the ability to manage,

and lots of money doesn’t guarantee a happy smile or good sleep.


A 1000 Facebook friends and Likes won’t guarantee you’ll never feel all alone,

the most expensive attire doesn’t guarantee you’ll be in the spotlight today.

Reading scriptures and shlokas doesn’t guarantee how your mind has grown.

Yes, nothing’s guaranteed, but the show must go on anyway.


I realized, COVID or not, the clock keeps ticking,

we’ve got to keep mind, spirit and body moving

Some things will work out and some things will keep failing,

nothing’s guaranteed, so what the heck, let’s keep going!


Now summer’s here and my tomatoes are flowering, 

my bread making has gotten better over time,

and my console table is lovely and shining.

Though nothing’s guaranteed, it’s working out all fine.


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