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Graduation Puja 2021

Jaya Asthana

Graduation Puja 2021

World Hindu Council in collaboration with Sri Kalikambal Shiva Temple, Bellingham, MA, held its 12th Annual Graduation Puja on Sat June 12, 2021. AT 10 AM, students graduating from high school and college gathered at the Shiva Temple hall, along with their families and friends, to mark this milestone in their student life.

The day began with the unifying Ekta Mantra, followed by a Saraswati Vandana, sung melodiously by one of the graduating students. Sri Bairavsundaram, the head priest of the Shiva Temple, performed a beautiful Saraswati Puja. The students were treated to a recitation of the Shikshavalli, from the Taittiriya Upanishad, followed by an explanation of the meaning, recited, and explained by Ravi Sreedhar, himself a student of the Vedas. He explained that the Shikshavalli talks about Acharya -to-Student relationship and Dharmic conduct principles for students as defined in the Shastras.

The chief guest of the day was Sri Shanmugam Sivachariyar, who joined the gathering from India via Zoom. Sri Shanmugam is the Chief Priest and Administrator of Sri Kalikambal Kamateswarar Devasthanam in Chennai, India. He is knowledgeable in both Agamas and Vedas and holds a Doctorate in Agamic Studies and Sanskrit. 

He talked to the students about the importance of Sanatan Dharma, its teachings, and keeping it at the center of one’s life. He said it was the basis of one’s identity.

By this time, the students were all ready for their awards and gifts, and each student spoke about their journey through this first phase of their education, and their plans going forward.

The day ended by a vote of thanks, followed by a sumptuous lunch, prepared lovingly by the parents of the graduating students. 

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