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Sadequain In Boston: Art's Lovers Enthralled By The Exhibition Of Rare-collectibles Of Sadequain Art Work

Tahir Ali

Syed Sadequain Ahmed Naqvi was born in Amroha, in Uttar Pradesh(UP) in India. on June 30th, 1926. He moved to Pakistan after 1947, and laid to rest in peace in Karachi Pakistan on 10th February, 1987. Sadequain, was a household name in Pakistan. He was known for his paintings, poetry, Murals and Calligraphy. Sadequain, since his childhood took a great fancy for drawing. In India where he spent his childhood, reportedly he often drew murals on the side of buildings using piece of coal. Neighbors would complain to his parents, saying that "appke bete nai hamara ghar kala kardiya".  However, that passionate flame did not lose its sparkle and as time went along, the boy rose to become an artist, a calligrapher, a great painter and a thinker. Renaissance of Islamic calligraphy in Pakistan without any doubt can be attributed to Sadequain. I remember, when his Calligraphy of Surah Rehman made big news and was an instant hit. His work was recognized nationally and at an international level as well. His paintings, Murals and Calligraphy landed him with several awards and recognitions: In 1961 awarded the Biennale de Paris, Award from the Government of France, and in 1980 awarded the Sitara-e-Imtiaz in Pakistan, to name a few. 

The "Sadequain Gallery of Chicago, showcased a rare collection of his paintings, calligraphies and sketches in the Boston area. The exhibition that drew well over hundred community and art lovers of greater Boston area, was successful. This event was made possible by Lalarukh and Riaz Niazi from Chicago and in collaboration with Drs. Zafar Nafis Naqvi and Fozia Qamar Naqvi of Boston area.  Riaz Niazi who brought over 200 frames including 30 originals from the Chicago Gallery is himself a renowned poet in Chicago and Boston area. The fruit doesn't fall farther from the tree, Riaz is the son of Alama Niaz Fatehpuri, a famous Pakistani poet, who was born in Barabanki, India and passed away in 1966 in Karachi, Pakistan. Riaz Niazi was very much pleased to see so much interest in the local community and art lovers who came from far and near. Art lovers could see rare collections of Sadequains' artworks on Ghalib, Iqbal and Faiz.  "I am so much encouraged that an encore presentation is foreseeable in the not-too-distant future." Riaz Niazi asserted. 

Zafar Naqvi, as may be ascertained from his last name is related to Sadequain from his Maternal side. Coming from a lineage of poets and thinkers, Zafar is also Paternally related to the famous Pakistani poet Jaun Ellia. He is a faculty (Psychiatry) member at Harvard Medical school.
Zafar in his welcome speech indicated that "Richard Gilbert taught Keynes' ideas at Harvard in the mid 1930's. He was known for his advisory work for President Franklin D. Roosevelt's administration and for his advisory work in Pakistan. Gilbert who met Sadequain was very impressed by his work and his thought process and said of him, 'I met Sadequain in 1961. He was already on an immense visionary path' and further remarked, 'Sadequain shows clear influence of renaissance masters, like El Greco and Botticelli and his own favorite Picasso.' "
Riaz Niazi added that Sadequain who hailed from UP is our sub-continent's Michael Angelo, "Michael Angelo Murals spread is 52,000 Sqft, Sadequain Murals spread is 51,650 Sqft. We should take pride in our artistic heroes in their lifetime as well. They are ionic - unmol ratan."

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