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Massachusetts ranked 5th least kind state in US!

Massachusetts was ranked among the lowest states in a recent study.

The commonwealth ranked 45. On the list, New Hampshire ranked 7, Rhode Island ranked 17, Vermont ranked 20, Maine ranked 30, New York ranked 32 and Connecticut ranked 39.

The number one kindest state? Kentucky, followed by New Mexico, Oklahoma and Georgia.

The least kind? Maryland followed by Kansas, Arizona and Florida.

Verizon’s “A Call for Kindness” campaign set out to encourage acts of kindness and boost morale throughout the U.S. The movement offers services including a pledge to perform an act of kindness, cards and conversations.

- The top three kindest acts ranked by Americans overall were: “Become an organ donor for a family member,” “Pull a stranger from a burning car,” “Adopt and raise a family member.”

- The top three kind acts that you can plan ahead are: “Cover the shift for a work colleague,” “Cheer up a family member,” “Call a friend to encourage them.”

- The average American would give up $6.40 if that meant a stranger got $10.

- 86% of people would donate a part of their liver to a family member

- 72% would lend money to a friend in a financial crisis

- 53% would donate their vacation time to a colleague


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