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Indian Drag Conference

Patruni Sastry

Dragvanti is hosting one of its kind event the “Indian Drag Conference”, where the idea of is to bring topics of discussion, dialogue and create a knowledgeable event for India. It is collaborating with BeUnic Indian’s first lgbtqia+ entrepreneurs Market Place. Flirt diamonds an inclusive jewellery brand by Aniket Shah, Mobbera foundation and The firefly community. 

When and How

It’s a virtual event where we are expecting around 250 participation scheduled on June 25 2021 .The conference would be a collation of paper presentations by famous drag performers of India covering wide range of intersectional topics ranging from the drag. This is a virtual scheduled one-day event which would be hosting paper presentations, panel discussions and lecdem from the multiple drag practices

Some of the topics include 
Drag in Classical arts
Bollywood’s influence in drag
Drag is a gender performance or performance art
Drag in Indian folk art forms
Ball room scenes and the Hausas of drag history
Globalization of Desi Drag 

Miss Bhenji, Hiten Noonwal, Queen Mallika, Jiya LaBhejia, Avatari Devi , Cumsin Haseena, Colonge, Nepn Scuthe and Isabelle Fredia Woods. 

The event would be covering participants from multiple demographics.
This would be the celebration on one successful anniversary of Dragvanti as a community.

You can register for RSVP here : 

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