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2021 International Yoga Day

Press Release

Nataraja YOGA Center and SATSANG Sunday Dance Spirit is Celebrating 7th International YOGA Day:  
We plan to have two Celebrations - a mini one on Monday June 21st from 5 to 6 PM on ZOOM in the Spirit of Actual International YOGA Day and we plan to have the Grand Celebration on Sunday June 27th from 9 to 12 Noon.  Please join both of them!  Experience the JOY of practicing together with us. Help promote this program to all your contacts.                                 

We plan to Introduce Gunjan YOGA - Novel Approach, Khetchary Mudra. ...  

We will also explain why it is so Relaxing and what are the other Benefits.   YOGA is NOT just Practicing a few Asans - Postures, or Breathing Exercise or Meditation.   YOGA is Home coming!   Let's Explore together !!  When you join, make sure practice with the Presenters so that you experience the JOY of Practicing together.  
See you for both the celebrations! 

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