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4 Things To Keep Your Body Strong & Spirit High During Covid Times (next Issue)

Swami Mukundananda

Most of the world today is facing unprecedented hardship and turmoil as we all continue to combat the pandemic. The wellbeing and livelihood of millions globally has been affected. As we go through these trying times, our morale and spirit can easily wane. Negative emotions can quickly make space in our mind if we are not careful and aware. So, what should we do to keep our spirits high and body strong?

Do not panic. Instead, put things in perspective. Realize that danger is nothing new in this world; it is a fact of life — anyone can meet with an accident, be diagnosed with a grave illness, or be subject to crime. Yet people continue living their normal lives. So, do not allow panic to overrun your emotions. The need today is for inner-strength and courage.  

Find meaning in the suffering. Today more than ever, irreligion has infiltrated society as a whole. Many people have become materialistic and forgotten the rules of dharma. At times, God sends adversity as a course corrector, to remind us of the higher purpose of life and turn us towards that. Shree Krishna, in the Bhagavatam states: “If I wish to bestow my special grace on someone, I snatch away their material luxuries.” So, let us look upon this hardship as yet another form of God’s grace, which we may not understand as yet. Let us be optimistic that He is all-merciful and never leaves us. He is preparing us to receive His higher gifts.

Protect and keep yourself healthy. Let us all do our part in keeping ourselves healthy and safe. Both physical and mental measures can improve your health and immune system. Adopt a balanced diet, rich in vitamins and minerals, powerful proteins, and healthy fats. Consume simple household spices such as turmeric, black pepper, and ginger that have antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties. Further, incorporate daily exercise such as yoga and pranayam. Meditate often; try Swamiji’s technique of subtle body relaxation. And adhere to mandates of masking, vaccination, and social distancing. These measures of keeping yourself safe will break the link of spreading the virus.

Spread positive awareness and extend help. As they say, knowledge is power. We can all contribute by becoming a part of the solution. Acquire credible knowledge of the virus, its impact on your community and globally, as well as precautionary measures. Spread this knowledge to others and lend a helping hand to those in dire need.

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