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Announcing The Opening Of ISW India Center

Press Release

Seven years ago we dreamt of an expanded ISW India Center as we laid out the strategic plans for ISW 2020. Now that has finally become a reality. We are pleased to announce that the new ISW India Center is formally open. The center is the culmination of dedicated hard work from a core team of volunteers, from donations and support from all across the community and from a strategic focus of several ISW Executive Committees and Boards. We would like to thank all who have made this happen. To you, our community, we would like to throw open the doors and welcome you to your new home, your ISW India Center!

Puneet Kohli, President India Society of Worcester

ISW India Center - from an idea to reality
Join us on a video journey down memory lane as we follow the progress of the ISW India Center from its ground breaking to the present finished structure.
ISW Bhoomi Puja Oct 5 2019
Where it began, the initial Bhoomi Puja!
India Center Construction 7/12 Update
The steel goes up...
ISW Construction Update June 2020
Construction begins!
India Center Update - Signing
ISW Center supporters sign the beams
India Center - August Update
Time for a Roof!
India Center September update - New Roof
Volunteers preview the center space
ISW Expansion Oct 2020 update
The concrete floors are cast
India Center Expansion January 2021 update
Exterior is done and flooring complete
ISW India Center Preview March 16 2021
A preview of the new India Pavilion
Welcome to ISW India Center
Welcome to Your ISW India Center!

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