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VHPA To Celebrate Hindu Heritage Day 2021

Press Release


Results of the Storytelling Contest for Youth will be announced during the Hindu Heritage Day on Saturday, May 22nd, 2021 from 2 to 5 PM.  The finalists' videos will be played and you can have fun comparing your own evaluation against the judges' view.

There is a beautiful play by a 5 year old about Sabari from Ramayana who offered "pre-tasted" berries to the person of her veneration to make sure that none of the berries were sour.  A 14 year old's exposition of Ayurvedic skin practices which use natural ingredients and maintain skin health and are time tested to cause no long term adverse effects while saving time and money.  Two 12 year olds' puppet play with handmade paper drawings about the generous king Shibi from Mahabharata who offered his own flesh to a hawk to protect a dove in his kingdom.  A 7 year old's rendering of the classic Panchatantra story of monkey and the crocodile peppered with facial gestures and hand movement extolling the virtues of quick thinking and tact even while under serious threat.

As far as the organizers are concerned, all the 42 contestants are winners because now they would become aware of the ingredients involved in making a good presentation.  In fact, all youth (and adults) who watch the performances of their peers will benefit by noticing the importance of factors such as opening, enunciation, lighting, setting, voice projection and volume, and good flow (to hold the interest of the audience) required for presentations. 

Most leaders agree that presentation skills are extremely important because you have to be able to tell your story whether you are interviewing for a job, running for a public office, arguing a case in a court of law, presenting a research paper, convincing venture capitalists to invest in your idea or talking to the stockholders as a CEO.

Not to be missed is the 2 to 4 PM time slot when the audience will be treated to some of the best dance and music performances from area's schools promoting cultural treasures.  The 4 to 5 PM time slot will be devoted to the Storytelling Contest mentioned above that was open to youth from the New England states.  More information about the contest is available on the webpage at https://boston.vhp-america.org/hhd21/contest.

In keeping with the times, the event will be held ONLINE.  To receive the URL, please register at Eventbrite by searching for Hindu Heritage Day 2021 Eventbrite on internet or by going to the website: https://boston.vhp-america.org/hhd21. You can also call the organizers at 603-560-5391 for information. The event is Free.



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